Iconsiam - the best Christmas Decorations in Bangkok

If you follow me on Twitter you know I am spending this winter in SE Asia in 2022, sharing my time between Thailand and Vietnam.

One of the best advantages of visiting Thailand in winter, besides the best weather, is to enjoy Bangkok Christmas decorations and lights.

Spending the winter in Bangkok and enjoying Christmas decorations and lights

Bangkok celebrates Christmas with style and spirit, creating a festive mood that fills the entire city. Experience the beautiful mix of Thai culture and Western traditions and enjoy the holiday cheer all around you.

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Where are the best christmas decorations in Bangkok

If you're in Bangkok during Christmas, you're in for a treat! The city gets all decked out with stunning lights and decorations that create a magical atmosphere.

Do you ant to see the best of it? Check out these places:

Iconsiam - This spot has a water feature that goes on for over 400 meters on the riverfront. It's an all-in-one light, sound, and special effect extravaganza. Each night, they show different themes and stories.

King Power Mahanakhon - This is the tallest building in all of Thailand, and you can see Bangkok's highest Christmas tree on the 74th floor. The tree is super cool because it has tiny doors that open to show cities and locations that are on many traveler's bucket lists.

Grand Hyatt Erawan, Waldorf Astoria Bangkok, Anantara Bangkok Siam, and The St. Regis Bangkok - You can check out the beautiful Christmas trees and colorful decorations that fill the lobbies of these hotels.

Capella Bangkok - The Christmas tree here is really unique! The tree is made out of paddy leaves and wild grass, and it sits on a pond that reflects its image. It's especially beautiful in the hotel's Chinoiserie-style lobby.

Iconsiam is a big development in Bangkok, Thailand, by the river.

It has a large shopping mall, hotels, and living spaces. The two tallest buildings in Thailand are also there.

The mall has over 7,000 shops and 100 restaurants, and a themed area called SOOKSIAM with souvenirs from different regions of Thailand. The mall has art exhibits by over 100 Thai and international artists.

What is Iconsiam?

There are many attractions and events that showcase Thailand's heritage, including the Iconsiam Heritage Museum which preserves the art, culture, and history of the Chao Phraya River and its communities.

SOOKSIAM is a themed zone that highlights the 77 provinces of Thailand through local products, handicrafts, food, and performances.

The ICONIC Multimedia Water Features is a stunning show that combines water, light, sound, and special effects on the riverfront.

Iconsiam also hosts various events and festivals throughout the year, such as Loy Krathong, Chinese New Year, Songkran, Christmas, and New Year, all celebrating the diversity and harmony of Thai society and culture.

Iconsiam mall Christmas Decorations

Iconsiam has the best Christmas decorations in Bangkok.

Iconsiam mall Christmas Decorations

The best decorations in entire Iconsiam area are inside Iconsiam mall itself.

Watch my video below of Christamas decorations inside Iconsiam mall and outside in the lights and shows display areas by the river. 

Use a boat to get to Iconsiam by Chao Phraya river

There are a few options to arrive to and depart from Iconsiam mall, depending on your Chao Phraya river station. Mine allowed me use either a local boat or a tourist hop-on-and-off boat.

Arrive and depart Iconsiam by a tourist hop on and off boat

Use local chao phraya boat to get to Iconsiam

I advise getting to Iconsiam mall by the tourist hop on and off boat. It departs every 30 minutes and the ticket price is 30 THB.

This boat ride serve as a great inexpensive tour and you will have an amazing time!

You can get there by taking a free shuttle boat from Sathorn Pier.

You can also get there by using BTS.

To experience something new or perhaps to save even more money, you can use a local Chao Phraya boat on the way back from Iconsiam. Chao Phraya boats are very popular with the locals.

They are less comfortable than tourist boats, because you might have to stand, instead of seating. But they are not only still relatively convenient, they also offer a glimps into local life. I prefer them to tourist boats.

The ride price is 16 THB, which is less than a $1!

In conclusion: you will have an amazing time and even a few different adventure experiences if you visit Iconsiam decorated for Christmas, or  Iconsiam mall during any time of the year!

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