Saint Bartholomew Cordoba | Mudéjar Funeral Chapel of San Bartolomé

Saint Bartholomew Chapel, or Funerary Chapel of San Bartolomé in Cordoba, is a beautiful example of Mudejar architecture in Spain and Mudéjar art in general. It’s one of a few known rooms where you can see all elements of Mudejar architecture together in one small room.

Built between the 14th and 15th centuries, this funerary chapel is located in the center of Córdoba's historic center in Andalusia, Spain.

It also shares the fascinating multicultural history of Cordoba, Spain, being located in the former Jewish Quarter, and later transitioned into a church.

Saint Bartholomew Chapel, one of the most notable attractions in Cordoba, is not well known to visitors from other countries, so I want to share its beauty with you through my video and pictures.

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