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In this post about L'Espluga de Francoli its architecture and things to do there

If you fancy wondering medieval alleys without people in sight - this is your place! 

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Hello, I’m Tatiana. I’m hopelessly in love with old uniquely looking buildings, and cozy urban scenes, and finding best places in Europe to go.

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Check out this incredible 14th century Mudéjar funeral Chapel of San Bartolomé in Cordoba, Spain. It's small, but so beautiful!

Introduction to Spain

Why people flock to see Spain

Most people come to experience the exciting history and beautiful architecture of Spain. The country has been influenced by many different cultures throughout the years, including the Romans, Moors, and Catholic monarchs. You can see remnants of these civilizations in cities like Granada, with the Alhambra, and Seville, with the Alcázar.

Spanish architecture

Spain is like an outdoor museum with amazing structures in cities like Barcelona and Madrid. Antoni Gaudí's unusual buildings, like the Sagrada Familia, attract people. 

I'm personally into older architecture, and Spain has so many amazing places for that!

Some places even have unique styles blending together in places like Córdoba, with it's Mudejar architecture. Toledo, Seville, Granada, Salamanca, Gerona, or ANY old town: the Spanish architecture will leave you addicted and crave more!

Spanish Cuisine

And who hasn't heard about the famous Spanish cuisine! One fun tradition in Spain is sharing small plates of food, tapas, with friends and family.

You can try out different types of food in Spain, like jamón ibérico (Iberian ham), paella, and sangria.

If you visit Spain, you can go to cool places like La Boqueria market in Barcelona to taste local cheeses and seafood. In Jerez de la Frontera, you can sip on sherry and enjoy tasty tapas at a bodega.

Each part of Spain has its own special foods to try. In Basque Country, you can munch on pintxos, and in Galicia, you'll find delicious seafood dishes.

And don't forget about the traditional desserts like churros and flan!

Spanish Traditions

The flamenco dance, Tomatina festival, and other cultural traditions also attract visitors.

So, people come to visit Spain and discover the rich history, beautiful art, and passionate culture that make this country so special. And that's the experience they don't forget, so they keep coming for more!