What do I write about on my Solo travel lifestyle blog. 

As a travel blogger I often get asked what do I write about on my travel blog.  

I write about a variety of topics connected to all things travel; travel lifestyle and how it differs from vacationing, about travel destination ideas and recommendations, travel tips for saving time and money, about how to stay healthy and fit on the road.

Is traveling different from vacationing?

Yes, it differs a lot.

When you go on a vacation, it is usually for a short period. On your vacation you often aim for more expensive experiences, willing to splurge, because you deserve that for all the hard work you do. After all, you need to know what you’re working hard for, right?

You also don’t necessarily want to plan your vacation trip at all. Planning sounds like work, and you’re on a break from any work, right?

So, you either just book the first (OK, maybe 2nd 😉 ) accommodation you see and you don’t mind spending all day laying on the beach or by the pool with a cocktail or two… or five😊 in hand.

Traveler, though, LIVES for exploring unknown places and destinations.  Most travelers I know do not want to “waste” (in their opinion) time laying on the beach.  They have places to go, things to see.  Most travelers work, so they also don’t have many days off and therefore they plan their trip in details, so that they will have more time for actually exploring. 

The travelers also don’t mind not splurging and saving money on less important for them things, as long as they get to spend the money saved for another trip. 

Obviously, there are no right or wrong ways to travel/vacationing, so while I write posts mostly for the travellers (remember, they are the ones who want planning and saving tips, right?;), I will also start providing information for the vacationers with more luxurious inclinations soon.


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  Have a GREAT day!:)