Tivat Airport: A Gateway to Adriatic Coast

Tivat Airport is a small international airport that serves Kotor and other towns,  the Bay of Kotor and the surrounding regions in Montenegro. 

It serves as a gateway to beautiful Adriatic coast of Montenegro and the rest of the country. And there are many reasons to visit Montenegro!

This post explains everything to know about Tivat airport and how to get there and to your destination from there. 

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So, let's get the most popular questions out of the way.

Does Kotor have an airport?

Yes, Kotor uses Tivat airport for flying into Kotor, which is only 5 miles (8 kilometers) away. So, Tivat airport is also Kotor airport, also called Kotor Montenegro airport.

Can you fly to Kotor?

Yes, you can fly to Kotor, Montenegro. See the answer above that you'll be flying into Tivat airport. 

Keep in mind, the flights to = there are usually more expensive than flying to Podgorica (another airport in Montenegro further away). 

Tivat Airport (Kotor airport) is the second busiest airport in Montenegro after Podgorica Airport, serving the capital city of Montenegro.

It is a popular destination for those who want to explore the stunning beauty of Bay of Kotor and Adriatic Coastline with its beautiful beaches and cute towns of Budva and Ulcinj. 

The bay is dotted with picturesque towns, villages, medieval fortresses, and churches. The largest gem of them is Kotor, the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Learn about Kotor's top activities from my other post. 

Because of all these, flying to Tivat Airport might be an excellent choice for your trip!

Why fly to Tivat airport

What to expect

The airport is located 3 km south of Tivat city center, and only 8 km from the historic city of Kotor.

Tivat Airport is a small but modern airport that can handle up to 1.2 million passengers per year. It has one Tivat airport terminal building with two floors and six gates. The ground floor has check-in counters, baggage claim area, customs, and car rental offices. The first floor has departure gates, duty-free shops, cafes, and a VIP lounge.

Tivat Airport is known for its challenging approach and landing procedures because of the hilly terrain and strong crosswinds. The runway ends just 88 m from the coastline of the Bay of Kotor. Landing at Tivat is considered demanding and exciting by pilots and passengers alike. It is sometimes compared to Hong Kong's Kai Tak Airport or Madeira's Funchal Airport.

The airport offers free Wi-Fi for all passengers, as well as accessibility and services for people with disabilities. There is also a lost and found office in case you misplace your luggage or belongings.

An official currency of Montenegro is euro.

If you arrive at Tivat Airport on a clear day, you will be rewarded with spectacular views of the bay, the mountains, and Porto Montenegro. You might even spot some celebrities on their yachts!

Proximity to Porto Montenegro marina

Tivat Airport is close to Porto Montenegro, a luxury yacht marina and a private beach. This marina attracts high-end visitors and celebrities from around the world.

Porto Montenegro offers a range of facilities and services. It has restaurants, bars, shops, hotels, spas, and a naval museum.

Here are some practical things you need to know for your flight to Kotor Airport.

A few boats and yachts on the background in the marina in Montenegro
A few boats and yachts on the background in the marina in Montenegro

How to get to Tivat Airport (Kotor airport)

You can get to Tivat airport (and from there) by flying, by rental car, taxi  (most frequent way), or pre-booked transfer. Alternatively, you can use public transport - buses, but departure time can be far and between, and the buses are rarely direct.

Fly to Tivat airport

You can take an international flight to Tivat Airport from various destinations in Europe and Asia, depending on the season and the airline.

Some airlines that operate at Tivat Airport are Air Serbia, Aeroflot, Montenegro Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Wizz Air, and Flydubai. They offer direct flights to Tivat airport.

A reminder. Always check airlines' baggage allowances to make sure you are actually saving money with a budget airline!

Drive to Tivat airport

If you are driving to Tivat Airport, you can use the Adriatic Highway (E65/E80) that passes right by the passenger terminal. The airport is easily accessible from the entire northern part of Montenegrin coast.

The distance from major cities are:

  • Podgorica: 90 km

  • - Budva: 20 km

  • - Kotor: 8 km

  • - Herceg Novi: 25 km

a bus or taxi to Tivat ( or from Tivat) airport

Bus to Tivat airport:

Taking a bus is rather complicated, because here are no scheduled stops at the airport for the buses traveling from Budva or Kotor. But if you ask, you may be able to persuade the driver to make a quick stop as they pass by on the main road nearby.

Also, a direct bust from Ulcinj to Budva actually makes a detour to stop there, which really surprised me when I rode that bus. 

Bus ticket price is around 2-3 euros.

Otherwise, another option is to travel by bus to Tivat bus station, and then - take a taxi as described below.

You best bet is get a taxi to Kotor, and then a bus departs every 20 minutes from Kotor to Budva. Bust ticket price for that is €5.

Herceg Novi – first a taxi to Kotor, then a bus to Herceg Novi from Kotor about every 90 minutes.

The bus stations of Kotor and Budva offer reliable connections to other parts of Montenegro.

Destinations outside Montenegro, such as Dubrovnik in Croatia, Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Shkoder in Albania, could be reached by bus from Budva or Kotor as well. You can buy ticket in advance.

You can check the bus schedules and prices, and book your ticket on Get By Bus website.

Taxi from Trivat Airport:

Kotor - €7-10, 13 min ride

Budva €17-22.

Taxi fare varies depending on the distance and the number of people in the party.