Palacete Mayer, also known as the Palacio Lima Mayer, is an architectural gem in Lisbon that now serves as the Spanish Ambassy in Lisbon, Portugal (Conculado de Espanha).

Lima Mayer Palace is the result of the architectural brilliance of Nicola Bigaglia, an accomplished Italian architect who left his mark on Portugal. The palace's exceptional design earned the prestigious Valmor Prize in 1902.

Green neoclassical  building & a custom sign: 'Mayer Palace'  & 'Spanish Embassy in Lisbon'
Green neoclassical  building & a custom sign: 'Mayer Palace'  & 'Spanish Embassy in Lisbon'

Lima Mayer Palace - Home of Spanish Embassy in Lisbon

A plate on Palacete Mayer building that announce it is the Valmor Prize winer in 1902.

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The building of Lima Mayer Palace is located along the grand Avenida da Liberdade in the civil parish of Santo António, in Lisbon, that leads to Lisbon's downtown. The property was intricately linked to the Lima Mayer family and is often referred to as the Little Palace of the Mayers (Palacete Mayer).

In 1930, the Spanish government acquired the Palacete Mayer and repurposed it as the Embassy of Spain in Portugal.

The land on which Lima Mayer Palace stands

During the reign of the Marquis of Pombal, a religious order likely owned the land and a palace which eventually faced abolition. Subsequently, the property was sold to the Marquise of Alorna and passed through various hands until it was acquired by Adolfo Lima Mayer.

Under Mayer's ownership, the former Marquise's palace was razed and replaced with the magnificent Palacete Mayer, accompanied by its exquisite gardens.

The owners of Mayer Palace

  • The religious order during the times the Marquis de Pombal

  • Adolfo Lima Mayer (1838-1918).

  • With the death of Lima Mayer in 1918, the building was sold by his heirs to Artur Brandão in 1920. The palace was initially used as recreational and gambling nightclub

  • Palacette Mayer is sold to Sociedale Avenida Park, Co., with Luís Galhardo as the major shareholder, in 1921.

  • In The Palacete Mayer 1930 was sold to the Spanish Government.

Beautiful boulevard - Avenida da Liberdade on which the Lima Mayer Palace is located.

Architecture of the Palacete Mayer

Lima Mayer Palace is a beautiful neoclassical building. The front of the palace has a cornice on top, which is held up by corbels decorated with acanthus leaves. Above that is a plain parapet with a balustrade.

Nicola Bigaglia, an Italian architect who had been working in Portugal during the turn of the century, designed the project situated along the Avenida da Liberdade.

In 1899, Nicola Bigaglia presented a project to the municipal council of Lisbon, which was later approved for the benefit of Adolfo de Lima Mayer and his family--the property owners associated with this project.

And so the construction of Lima Mayer Palace has started.

Nicola Bigaglia won the Valmor Prize for Lima Mayer Palace.

In 1902, the Lima Mayer Palace became the inaugural recipient of the Valmor Prize. This prize was a prestigious award established to recognize outstanding architectural achievements in Lisbon, Portugal.

As the Valmor Prize winner, the building received $1800 award, which was divided between the property owner, Adolfo de Lima Mayer, and the architect, Nicola Bigaglia.

Notably, Nicola Bigaglia decided to donate his portion of the prize to the municipal council of Lisbon for the purpose of funding public works that would benefit the construction and further development of Lisbon.